Vehicle Tracking System

Disha-9310 – Compact GPS/GPRS Tracker

DishaDisha is an industrial grade compact gps based Vehicle tracking device for mounting on the dashboard of fleet for tracking them on the Web for logistics purposes for finding current location , distance travelled , fuel consumption, Temperature of Cargo , trips done , stoppages , idle time and for safety purposes like detecting overspeed ,sudden acceleration , route deviation etc

Suitable for

  • Trucks, Dumpers, Excavators, Shovellers
  • SchoolBuses, Pool Cars for Schools & Offices
  • Cold Chain Logistics : Referigerated Vans
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  • 56 channel GPS with inbuilt antenna
  • Quad Band GSM/GPRS module with Inbuilt Antenna
  • 32 bit ARM processor with 8 GB memory
  • Store & Forward upto 6000 records when no GPRS available
  • 1100 mAH Backup Battery for 4 hrs running after Power disconnection
  • 10 – 36 VDC Power, runs off 12 VDC or 24 VDC battery
  • 2 DI, 1 AI for Ignition & other Inputs
  • Dimension : 130(W) x 80(L) x 40(D) mm
  • Optional : Weigand Input for RFID connectivity , RS485 for Capactive Fuel Sensor , Digital Temp. Sensor Interface for upto 2 Digital Sensors ( -50 to 50 degC )

Wialon : Web based Tracking Portal

Wialon Screen shotWialon is a world renowned state of the Tracking Portal for GPS devices . Disha is compatible with Wialon providing Industrial & commercial features

  • Portal can handle thousands of devices with consistent response.
  • Current location ,groupwise ,userwise ,with all parameters like location name , speed, distance , fuel and other custom parameters available together
  • Data storage for 3 months/ 1 year . Tracking display with all events on map with replay for analysis
  • Mobile App for Android
  • POI , Unlimited Geofences , Route creations available
  • Flexible Alert Generation : Overspeed , Idle Time , Parameter based, Fuel loss etc
  • Notifications as POP UP with Alarm on Screen ,thru Email or SMS
  • User Configurable reports , Single or Optionally Group Based , Charts & Dashboards : Pie charts & Bar Graphs
  • Optional SDK for interfacing to Wialon thru service API and getting all device data,maps , report data etc.

Portable Tracker

AT-100 Portable Tracker AT -100 is a portable GPS/GSM/GPRS based tracker with inbuilt battery which has multiple uses . It can be used by patrol guards in outdoor locations for monitoring their location . Similarly children and others can be tracked if they carry this device in their bags . An SOS button is provided for sending SMS to upto predined numbers in case of emergency .

It is also used as an Asset tracker for Industrial purposes like tracking wagons & vehicles entering on temporary basis . The tracker is issued with the gatepass to the vehicles on entry and are tracked during their duration in the plant so that they are not overspeeding or going to undesired locations. Wagons could get misplaced and may need to exit within certain duration so a location fix on them would be extremely useful. Here the device is operated in GSM mode . It is always in Sleep mode and on receiving a missed call from the control room PC thru modem an SMS is sent to the modem having the GPS location as well as the cell tower location based on which the asset can be located.

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AT-100 Portable Tracker

  • 56 channel GPS with built in antenna
  • Quad band GSM/GPRS Module
  • 2000 mAH Li-ion Battery
  • GPRS Mode : Data sent every 30 secs
  • GSM Mode: An SMS ( location & cell tower ) is sent to the authorised number on a missed call
  • Mini USB port for charging
  • Dimension: 70 (L) x 47 (W) x 27(D) mm