Digital Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Sensor with Analog & Digital Inputs to Modbus RS 485

For Industrial IOT applications which require to get temperature, humidity & pressure in open area or closed chambers, enclosures etc , MEMS Sensor BEM 280 / HDC1080 / DS18B20 is used to measure the above parameters and data is converted to Modbus RTU for communication making it suitable for all II0T gateways / PLC's/ RTU's.

  • Internal Sensor Options
    BEM 280
    Temp (0-60°C )+/- 0.2°C (typical)
    Humidity (10-90% RH) +/- 2% (typical)
    Pressure: 300...1100 hPa +/-1.7hPa
  • Or HDC 1080
    Temp (0.2-60°C) +/- 0.2°C (typical)
    Humidity (10-90% rh) +/- 2% (typical)
    Temp, Humidity Atmospheric pressure in Breathers ,LT, HT Panels to avoid flashing, filter jam Temp, Humidity in Cold Chain, Data Centers, Shopfloor, offices, Telecom center, Substations
  • External Inputs — Upto 2 Channels Any Combination DS 18B20
    Temp (-40 to 125°C) +/- 0.5°C
    Oil well Temp in Distribution Transformers, Radiator Oil Top And Bottom Temperatures in Power Transformers, ColdStorage Units
    Analog Input :
    ADC Type: 12 bits, 1 sec sampling (default)
    Input Range: 0-5 VDC /4-20 mA ( external 250 ohm resistance ) / NTC
    Connect to any Transmitter like Pressure /Flow /Level etc with 4-20 mA 0/P Use NTC Lug type sensor for Cable Joint / BusBar Temperature Monitoring