l x 8 Array Thermal Infrared Temparature ( 5-200°C ) Sensor, Modbus RS485

SenseO is an Infrared Array based Digital Temperature Transmitter designed for IOT applications in Industry. Based on OMRON's 1 x 8 Array Thermal Infrared Temparature, it is a cost effective for measuring temperature in a non contact manner. The sensor has 54 x 5.5deg viewing angle and provides 1 x 8 elements temperature data ( 5 -200 degC ). The captured data is transmitter over RS485 using Modbus RTU Protocol. The device can be easily integrated with any RTU, PLC or IOT Gateway. Sensor also has two laser pointer mounted on the same viewing angle as the sensor thereby getting a fairly good idea of the line the sensor would be covering. Best for mounting in Panels to monitor unobtrusively the temperature at joints, lugs etc.