BLE Transmitter with NTC Temp Sensor ( 0-200 degC ), 2 x AA Alkaline Battery

BlueSense is a battery operated industrial BLE based Temperature sensor using an external NTC lug based Temperature sensor. It is ideal for using in factory shop floor to monitor temperature of motors/gearboxes especially those which are hard to access. The data is transferred over BLE to BLE gateway within 50 - 80 metres . The Gateway can then send the data over RS485 Modbus to the nearest PLC /RTU or IOT Gateway.

  • Input
    1) Lug type NTC 0-200 degC
  • Communication
    BLE 5.0 ,2.4 GHz between device & reader
    RS485 Modbus between Reader & Gateway
    WiFi between Reader & Gateway
  • Output
    BLE Gateway-485
    Modbus RS485
    Parameters for One Temperature Sensor
    * Temperature Value (0-200 degC)
    * Battery %
    * RSSI