This system provides an Asset Performance Management (APM) development platform for industry 4.0 related industries such as Smart Manufacturing and quickly helps customers establish asset equipment management systems to improve asset efficiency and improve asset reliability and availability. It also optimizes maintenance costs, reduces operational risk, and lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO).

WISE-PaaS/APM is built with Microservice architecture and includes lots of modules like asset modeling, management configuration, alert and notification, and asset data analysis.

Cross-site Asset Monitoring

Makes Asset Monitoring as easy as possible by a plug-and-play connection from edge to cloud, and flexible topology organization management.

Preventive Maintenance

Reduces unplanned downtime and increases availability and reliability by helping ensure critical assets and systems protected from emerging threats.

Predictive Analytics

Integrated with WISE-PaaS/AFS machine learning model for reducing costly emergency repairs by detecting problems early.


  1. Profile Management: Create flexible self-defined asset models on web UI.
  2. Profile Management: Create flexible self-defined Organization/Field Profiles on web UI.
  3. Organization Management: Create flexible organization management logic by topology configuration.
  4. Rule Engine: Flexible rule-based “event & action” configuration.
  5. Asset Performance Template: Ready availability and OEE asset performance templates and self-defined asset performance templates.
  6. EdgeXFoundry Integration: Easily connects EdgeXFoundry with WISE-PaaS/APM.
  7. WISE-PaaS/Dashboard Integration: Dashboard template configuration and automatically generated dashboard.
  8. Mobile App: Provides mobile devices with monitoring, alarm information, and analysis reports anywhere.