Airsprint- 1030

Airsprint -1030 is a rugged GPRS Telemetry Device meant for sending Digital Alarms/Events & Analog Data from Al channels and Modbus devices on RS485 to a SCADA server connected to Internet and having a Static IP.

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Airsprint 1030

Airsprint- 1030N

Intelligent GSM/GPRS Remote I/O Device with MQTT Protocol.
Airsprint-1030N is a rugged GPRS based Telemetry device cum Gateway unit meant for sending Digital Events/Alarms, Analog Values and Modbus RTU device data to the cloud in a secure encrypted lightweight MQTT protocol.

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Airsprint- PBMS

Airsprint - PBMS is a M2M Telemetry device for indicating Phase failure in LT Networks . These can be installed in 4 way LT Pillar Boxes for detecting Voltage Presence in the Incoming & Outgoing lines . Door Open Limit Switch is taken as a contact Input to ensure there is no unauthorised opening of pillar box. In case of a phase failure/ Door Open an SMS would be sent through the GSM network to upto 4 predefined Numbers .

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