BLE Reader, Modbus RS485/ Wifi

BlueSense-Reader-485 is a rugged BLE Receiver for BLE Beacons and converts the sensor data to Mod bus RS485 slave thereby enabling standard IOT Gateways /PLC's /RTUs to read BLE Sensor data. These I P65 readers can be mounted easily on shopfloors and can remotely pickup BLE beacon data like Asset tags, Temp & Humidity data, Motion & Tilt data, Door Open/Closedata from BLE Sensors which are fully Battery operated. The receiver can be upto 50metres away from the BLE sensors. The receiver after receiving data from BLE Sensors can then send the data over RS485 Modbus to the nearest PLC /RTU or IOT Gateway.

  • Input
    1) BLE Sensors — iBeacon protocol
  • Communication
    BLE 5.0, 2.4 GHz between device & reader
    RS485 Mod bus between Reader & Gateway
    Optional : WiFi between Reader & Gateway
    ( MQTT protocol )
  • Output
    BLE Gateway-485
    Modbus RS485
    Parameters for One Temperature Sensor
    * Temperature Value (0-200 degC)
    * Battery %
    * RSSI
    (Sensor dependent: Asset ID,Motion, Door open)
BLE Receiver-485