Wifi Based Sensor Node for DI, DO, Modbus RS485

Widaq is a WiFi based Wireless Sensor Node for monitoring DI, Al and Modbus RTU Slave devices over RS485. It can be used in Offices and industries for monitoring sensors like Door Contacts, Motion Sensors, Fire Panel Alarm & DVR Alarms, Energy Meters etc .

Data is transmitted to the IOT Broker in Cloud which publishes the data to APPs or WebSCADA portal in cloud. Based on Threshold set in the software Alerts is sent to required users thru SMS & Emails ensuring action is taken before any malfunction occurs.

Device is rugged and is suitable for offices, factory, Warehouses, Industrial Panels, Unmanned Stores & other locations. Connectivity to Cloud will be thru the existing Access Point & Broadband in the office or factory.

Data is also available to users thru following applications
  • Web based SCADA on a Private Cloud is available for monitoring, Alarm notifications thru SMS Gateway, Historical Trends & Reports
  • Android App for Status Overviews along with Alerts
  • OPC Server for connectivity to Desktop SCADA