BLE Reader for Indoor Mounting

BLE- Gateway is a BLE Reader with Intelligence and WiFi/LAN Interface . The Reader reading range can be adjusted from 4 mtr – 15 mtr thru configuration . Apart from this the skip duplicate reading setting can be done at the reader itself thus avoiding unnecessary duplicate data going to the cloud /private server . It has a table where the first data is stored alongwith being sent to server but any consequent data of the same tag is not sent . The time limit for this validation can be set by user.

The Reader also only validates MSF BLE tags so that other tags , phones etc are not read by Gateway . The BLE data read consists of Tag ID , Time Stamp , Battery Strength , Signal Strength at the Gateway which is sent thru WiFi/LAN interface as a JSON payload over MQTT.

BLE Gateway-WiFi

M2 : BLE Tag

The BLE tag is a small lightweight tag which can be read of the body of the person whether he wears it or carries it in his pocket . It can be linked between the existing Company RFID card and the Lanyard as shown.

RFID card linked with BLE tag in white and the connected to hip thru Retractable Reel ID Card Holder.